Issues & Priorities

“I believe it is time for our board to be more representative of the families that our district serves.”

— Mandi McDougall, candidate for Centralia School Board, Pos. #4

Mandi’s Priorities

#1 - Improved communication between Centralia school district, staff, teachers, parents & students

Mandi believes that there is room for improvement in how our school district communicates. Whether it's communicating about proposed changes within the district or major events like educator contracts, Mandi believes that stronger voices should be present at the table.

#2 - Increased transparency in school district processes

Mandi believes that there is additional information that our school district could be sharing with it's residents. Mandi seeks to increase access to information for Centralia School District parents, students, teachers, and constituents.

#3 - Retaining quality educators that engage and empower our kids for their futures

Mandi believes that elevating our community means retaining excellent teachers who want to stay and enjoy long careers in our school district inspiring countless children. To do this, Mandi believes that we need a firm commitment to strong and fair negotiating standards.

#4 - Adding vocational and technical education options for students

Colleges and universities are an incredible path to success — but still just ONE path! Mandi believes that we can increase access, variety, and choices in vocational and technical academic programming within Centralia School District.

#5 - Fiscal accountability

Mandi believes that strong fiscal accountability is the strongest indicator of a solid school district. Without fiscal accountability, there cannot be trust between governing bodies and their voters. Mandi seeks to improve fiscal transparency and access to fiscal information within Centralia School District.